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Barbora Mráčková, *1987, I live in Prague/CZ, I love old stuff, upcycling, travelling (both in big and small terms), Poland, old photographic books from Soviet union and its satellites, the most interesting place I've ever seen is Detroit. I'm not tall, which is a big plus factor for photographing weddings. I'll happily travel to any destination you'll find suitable for your wedding. 



www.barboramrackova.cz (my portfolio besides wedding photography)

Littlecloud = malý mrak = Mráčková!

I had the sudden idea to find myself a photographic nickname during one jetlag-like night bus ride to my gentse college. It's the literal translation of my surname (minus the slavic suffix "ova" :) ) I started photographing weddings right after finishing my master art studies. The timing was perfect - candid and natural style was beginning to be cool in Czechia. For couple of years, I'd been photographing weddings a lot. Few years back, I cut their quantity down to make it sustainable for future. I've also taken a two-year review break before publishing any wedding photos. I'm back, with my thoughts and pictures sorted.

I prefer to photograph these weddings:

... all! I swear I love them all! Because I never know: when I'll take THAT picture. When I'll be moved.  When I'll witness the best sunset, spot the best vintage entrance door for a perfect portrait or experience that kind of hazy sky letting the best natural light through. Where I'll see the funniest dog.  Where they'll have the best cake!

The evolution of wedding trends has been spectacular. There is this concept that all the customs and usual decorations are just out and every aspect of the wedding day has a new, DYI/vintage/hipster alternative. Instead of corset wedding dresses lifted by fifty layers of petticoat, one-color-themed weddings, gerbera bouquets and city hall ceremonies we got wildflowers, wooden bow ties, forrest ceremonies, priests. It's funny that these fresh trends are so requested that they've turned into a dogma. I'm not saying I favour either of these attitudes. My view is simple: just be yourself. 

Plan your wedding day in order to not feel weird. If you feel like wearing 5 inch heels, big bloody princess gown, ride a roan and you've been dreaming about this the whole life, just do it! You'd probably feel unsatisfied wearing a semi-transparent bohemian dress and espadrilles. If you don't have a specific idea about the wedding, just do it the way you feel or rummage happily through infinite inspiration you can find online. Or ask your grandma - how she got married? One advise is for sure: just don't let anybody push you. Especially me :)

Well I certainly have visual and conceptual preferences regarding weddings. But even a completely different style is rather an exciting challenge than a bother. One day I'll show you the way I got married - you'll understand :)

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